Which Variables control the shape of a Beizer Curve?

Here is the link to the code that I am using:



I found this great solution with moving objects along a curve. It works fine, but I don't know which variable controls the speed of the object. Currently, the object moves from control point 1 to control point 2. But the movement happens very fast.

Which variable controls the speed?

Also, which variables control the tightness of the curve? The object is currently on a very loose loop, I am not sure which variables control the path of the curve. Thanks in advance. Please me know if this in unclear.

Here is the link to the code:


I haven't tested this script, but it would appear that the following is true:

Just looking at the code, there is nothing that controls the speed. You can add it very simply though:

//Change this line:
//BezierTime = BezierTime + Time.deltaTime;
BezierTime = BezierTime + Time.deltaTime / TimeInSecondsForEntireCurve;

And, currently there does not appear to be a variable controlling the tightness of the curve. I suggest you find the equation of a bezier curve so that you can figure out what variable you need and add it yourself :).