Which Version Is Best And Stable In Aug 2023

Hi. I’ve been using 2020 LTS for about 2 years now. For some reason, my pc was having some issues (not because of Unity), so I reset it today with a completely new installation of Windows 10 and reset/reinstalled everything from scratch. After spending the whole day trying to get everything reset and up/running, I’ve finished almost everything. Now I only have to install Unity Editors.

Can anyone please tell me what is the most stable and best version as of Aug 2023? I know last month 2022 LTS was released but I don’t require any or most of its NEW features. I only need the most stable version which doesn’t have any bugs or issues, and it should work fine for the next 1-1.5 years (probably till the end of 2024).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unity 2021 LTS is more stable than 2022 LTS but it will reach its end of life at the start of 2024. I would suggest to use Unity 2022 LTS, it is getting updated every month and it is unlikely you will face any major issue.

I’m still using 2021.3 LTS

I’ve used 2022 and 2023. they are big no for me, they are very slow at project opening & creation.
Also many weird memory leaks from the editor. I even considering to go back to 2020 or 2019