Which ways are available for a Unity program to communicate with other programs?

I have node.js on my computer. I was trying to communicate with Unity using Socket.io. This however seems to be very difficult because of loads of errors and bad examples in projects on github.com

I know you can request websites with the WWW class, but this is too slow if you want to update a position of an object many times a second (please correct me if I am wrong!).

So I was wandering in which ways (www, [ws://], [ipc://]) can Unity communicate with the computer or other programs outside of it’s own environment?

And maybe which type of communication is already made for Node.js? (since that’s the program I am using to control communications from other ip’s)

www class should be fast enough, we are currently working on a project where a server update position of up to 8 objects (only 8 for now 20 coming up) and it works fine with www request.
There would be a latency if you were contacting a remote server but when on the same computer the request is almost instant.

If you do not have a server set up you can probably use localhost and use the request. The other solution is just to use a classic text read/write and parser since you know where the json file is stored.