Which well-known household-name brands are using Unity?

Another type of information which helps sell the idea of using Unity to clients as a choice of technology over other web plugin technologies (such as Flash and Shockwave) is to be able to point to existing examples of well-known household-name brands which have already successfully used Unity.

Can anyone point to more examples of household name brands who have used Unity?

I'll post the ones I've found so far as an answer.

EDIT: Made the answer "community wiki" so others can edit and add to this answer. Stick to very well known household name brands though, please!

Coca-Cola: "Open The Games : Freeride"

Lego: Lego Star Wars - The Quest for R2-D2

Lego: Lego Bionicle

Electronic Arts: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online (Video, Blog)

Cartoon Network: FusionFall (Video)

Axe (Lynx): "Dark Temptation" Game (Video)

Axe (Lynx): "Get Them Back" Game (Video)

Gilette: "Young Guns" Game (Video)

BBC: Robin Hood Showdown

Star Wars: Star Wars Trench Run (iTunes Store) (Video)

Volkswagen: Touareg Rally (Video)

Peugeot 207: Racer (Video)

Chrysler: Prisma Jump (Video)

NASA: Cassini at Saturn Interactive Explorer

Warner Bros : Wild About Wile E.

Warner Bros : "Your mind is the scene of the crime" for the movie "Inception"


Warner Bros uses it for some of their web games a lot. See kidswb.com for examples. One specific one is here: http://looneytunes.kidswb.com/event/wild-about-wile-e/game/wild-about-wile-e

Also http://www.yourmindisthesceneofthecrime.com/stage1/ is a promo for a WB movie that uses Unity.