While trying to install the iOS editor package separately the component gives an error in the end.

I didn’t install the iOS component of Unity when I initially downloaded it. Needing it later, I ran the installer, chose the iOS component and it started downloading it and at the end of the writing scripts process it gives me this error:
Install failed: The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.
On opening the error log I got a more detailed description but the only thing that made some sense to me was this:
NSLocalizedDescription = “An error occurred while running scripts from the package \U201cUnitySetup-iOS-Support-for-Editor-5.3.2f1.pkg\U201d.”;

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like that certain (5.3.x) versions of Unity platform components can only be successfully installed to the main disk.