White aliasing lines on far model

I am a complete noob with Unity and 3D modeling, so I apologize if I’m missing something obvious. I created a model in Maya that uses simple phong and lambert shaders, but when I import it into Unity I see some shimmering white lines on the edges of the model (usually when it’s far away). Other models I’ve used haven’t shown this behavior, so I’m wondering how I can fix this. Thanks in advance!

Try working with Edit → project settings -->quality.

Perhaps, change the quality of shadow

Also go into Edit → render settings
Maybe change the type of rendering to deferred from forward. Edit → project settings → player

You might be facing a problem of Color Bleeding, use xNormal’s Dialation Filter that will automatically installed for your photoshop when you will install xNormal … you can search online for this filter’s tutorials and you will find a lot of them