white dots / specs during gameplay

Hi all.

Our world is nearly pitch black and we like to navigate / help the player with very subtle lightning so darkness is key.
With the following settings. I have every now and then some white dots in my objects while running around.

It seems to happen where lights are.
Aka, i seem to notice these white dots when i am close to parts of the game where i placed lights (in this screenshot case: the settings of the light is

When i decrease the radius so it doesn’t clip with the walls, my issue is gone, but then i have a very faint / unusable light source in my rooms. Aka too less light. I need to increase my range to get the rooms to light up.

Screenshot of the issue:

Any idea how to prevent this? My my best own guess is to use many smaller radius lights in a room that fit the boundaries
But it seems cumbersome to me.

I am using unity free.
Thanks for any suggestions

My best regards

I think your shaders on the walls have “Bumped/Specular” shading, if it is so, change it to “Bumped/Diffuse”