White line along the edge

![alt text][2]![alt text][2]Hi Guys,
We have created a 3D model of a building and imported in unity and have applied textures to it .The textures are in JPG hence no alpha.
When i move the camera near the object the edges look good with 2K sized trextured.But when i move away from the model , the white lines appear along the edges and it spoils the overall look and feel.
What have i tried and failed :
1)Adjusted the near clip and far clip values
2)enabled anti aliasing : tried upto 8X
3)Changed texture settings
a)set mip maps
b)set all possible settings in advanced
4)Checked the normals of the model in MAya.No issues with it

Please find attachment of screenshot when taken near the object and far from it

It looks like result of mipmap, the texture area on the edge of the model is getting “blurred” against a brighter nearby pixels.
Increase padding when bake texture, or try to fill the unused area in the texture with a darker colour.

what wrap mode do you have it set to in the inspector? try setting it to clamp