White lines between blocks in voxel terrain

Hello. I am having a problem. I am beginner with unity3d and I am trying to create voxel terrain generator.
When I render some chunks there are white lines between cubes.
I have set filter mode to POINT.
This lines are only visible in game, not in unity editor.
What is the cause?

Here is screnshoot how it looks in game:

and here how it looks in unity editor:

Thanks for any help!

Anti aliasing blends the edges of textures together to attempt to smooth out harsh lines. That is why the edges of your voxels have the white lines, they were blended with a white or transparent color.

I think the way to fix it while keeping anti aliasing on was to adjust your UV mapping. Instead of say going from 0f to 1f of the texture you start at 0.01f to 0.99f so it blends with the remaining pixels of your texture, or something along those lines. Though I could be remembering wrong.