White objects are instead gray

(EDIT: i solved it by rebuilding the lighting maps)
I just made a new project and the colors are weird, white objects become gray, i didn’t change any settings it just happened when i created a new project.
There isn’t much info i can provide since i still didn’t do anything, i made a new material with a white color, only became brighter a little bit,
Here is a screenshot:


Yau are using a really dark skybox, no?

Because dark skyboxes means not much lights, so everything become a little bit darker.

I’m maybe wrong…

Dark skybox :thonk: not sure if mine is a dark skybox, is it a setting, if so where can i find it?

Not sure, but try see what kind of light you are using and what color have that light. Set the color to be white.

@allhammhmd83 I found a way that worked for me Go to window then rendering next lighting and at the top next to clone press new to create new lighting settings no make a new object and boom