White outline around tree leaves after upgrade to Unity 5

After upgrading our project from unity 4.6 to 5, I’ve noticed a white outline that surrounds each of the leaves in our trees if they are in front of any other objects in the scene:


If the leaf is in front of the tree trunk, you wont see this outline; however, if it’s in front of the ground or sky (or anything else other than the tree) they you see this. If I drag the tree directly into the scene I don’t see this issue, so it appears to be with the shader used for terrain trees causing the problem.

I’m using a PNG texture for the leaves… Anyone know a workaround for this issue to make textures play nicely with these new tree leaf shaders?

For us it was turn off “Receive Shadows” on the prefab in p4. Obviously not ideal.

Perhaps though this has been picked up in the patches now/soon as it sound familiar.
5_0 (p series)