White spot appear after baking. Need help

Not sure how to fix this, tried everything: increasing res, padding, lightmap size, changing compression, ect. Ive also tried flipping duped planes to the other side of the wall. Not sure what to do anymore. Got any ideas? Thanks.

(This light map has a res of 10, couldnt be asked to bake in full res again)

Lighting setting at the mo

There’s so many things that could be wrong. Perhaps someone who does lightmapping often will know, but in the meantime you can do through the lightmapping troubleshooting guide https://forum.unity.com/threads/lightmapping-troubleshooting-guide.1340936/#post-8467232

Hard to say from the screen shots. One thing to check is that “Generate Lightmap UVs” is checked on the mesh import settings.