Whitelisting modules

Hey there!

I just started looking into cloud code, and found somewhat of a 'lack' of documentation possibly (yes, I'm aware it's in BETA). Though I have a pretty major question - is module whitelisting something I can do or is that a preset that is set by Unity staff? In the case of me being able to whitelist a module, how would I do this? I couldn't find any info on this topic anywhere!

EDIT: From what I understand from an article I've found it seems like I can only use Unity libraries - will this be expanded for me to be able to use JS modules at some point? And otherwise, can I somehow make web requests from the cloud code?

Thanks for reading!


You are correct, this is not something that is currently available but it is something we are planning to look into.

Would you be able to provide us with a detailed use-case, how you would want to use this kind of feature, as this would help the development team immensely as they come to look at it?

Look forward to hearing from you

Hey, thanks for the info!

My primary use case would be to connect to things like my current accounts database, which would be simpler this way than via my regular web server - and safer. This could of course also be useful in other cases, but that's the one I can give you out of the top of my head.