Who needs licenses?

I’m a little confused in regards to who we need to purchase Unity Pro licenses for.
From what I’m reading, (section 2,a of the EULA)… If we wish to use content developed with Unity Pro, we have to upgrade all licenses to Unity Pro.

We have a team of 6, additionally we have contracts with about 10 other individuals. They are contracted, and we only require code and / or models from them. We haven’t written into the contracts anything to do with Unity. We really don’t have any way of knowing how they’re writing code for all I know, they could be using notepad.
In regards to contractors, we send them the design specifications for what we want, they make it and return it (code or model).

In addition to that, about 3 of our 6 don’t even use Unity.

I’ve been told that everyone “on the team” (which would include ‘contractors’).
So that would be 16 licenses. Even though we can only definitively know that 3 of them are using Unity.

Is it truly the case that everyone on the team needs a current Unity Pro license, or can we just purchase licenses for those who actually use Unity?

I read that if your team needs Pro, every Unity user must have their own license and that license can’t be shared. If some of your team don’t use Unity, license is not required for them.

Personally I write my code in Notepad++.
If I were in your team I wouldn’t need a license for that. You can acquire scripts from anywhere you like…you don’t need to get licenses for the providers :stuck_out_tongue: that would get silly.

I’d say 3 licenses for the actual Unity users.