Who pays developer for ads unity or google??

I have completed my game with unity ads . I was about to publish it but it needs 25$ as one-time fee which I’m ready to pay but I don’t have a debit card so I’ll be paying from my virtual debit card (they gets destroyed in 48hrs). So I was wondering who will get my revenue as google won’t have any bank details of me because of virtual credit card. Does all the money ( which i think I’ll get from ads ) will go to unity and then they will transfer it to my bank account or it will go to google ??? do I really have to give google one permanent credit card number???..Sorry if my english is dumb lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not really a professional, but as I understood: if you use unity ads, then the revenue will come to your unity virtual pocket. And then you can transfer them to your card from your unity pocket. Im not sure, but thats the info I know. In your case, you`re paid by unity.

Unity does that.