Whole UI flickering when animated.

When i click some button, or play some UI Animator -animation, all the images and buttons flicker and for a second change to another sprite and come back to the original.
It’s not only in my project, this happen on others projects and the UnityExamples Scenes.

I finally tracked down my issue by disabling all UI elements one at a time till I found the one that was causing the issue.

My problem was due to a single UI image Rect Transform Pos Z being set to 0.00015125 (something besides 0), I reset it to 0 and all is good.

I found the solution by manny mistakes.
For us to work everything without flickering i just change the “Max Size” on all our sprites to 1024 and the “Format” to “Compressed” . Also uncheck GPU Skinning in the Player Settings and use the latest patch 5.3.1f1.

Same problem here since the update to 5.3.0f4 :
-When a sprite is changed or when a new UI element is created some sprites (not all of them but a lot) change to what seems to be a not random sprite, but which is completly different from the one expected and then back to the original one after one frame.

Interesting point : I have a terrain one my scene, if I suppress it everything works fine.

We had a similar problem on an older version but it was corrected.

I corrected most of the warnings on my project (inclufing all NPOT) and it doesn’t seem to be linked to the ones left.

I’m having the same issues, exactly as you described it. However, it only appears on OpenGL and sometimes on dx9. So far I have not observed it in Dx11 mode. I was not able to figure out what is causing this yet, but it’s extremely annoying and prevents me from upgrading to 5.3 for public builds of my game. I really hope they can fix it soon or at least that we can find a workaround.

Can confirm, I’m also having this issue any time a UI sprite is moved/animated. I posted an example video to youtube, Please don’t pay any attention to the stretched graphics, I captured this video mid UI construction =P


Same problem here, on Windows, editor and iOS devices UI works fine; on Android al the UI elements are affected, when i move something (for instance, sliders, Scrollviews and so on).

Possibly similar issue I’m seeing. I am moving UI elements, but I noticed the flicker also when I call Destroy on objects. Pictures at the bottom of the post, is it looking like that for anyone else?


I’m seeing this same problem: UI elements will briefly flash to the wrong sprite, usually when a UI element is set to be active or inactive, or is moved or resized.

This video shows the flickering: https://youtu.be/Qn09vlA6JQc

Here’s an example of a corner of my game UI looking normal, and then flickering:

EDIT: I just found out this was fixed earlier this month, in patch version 5.3.2p1! I’ve downloaded the new version and so far the problem seems to be completely fixed!

I got the same problem UI button difficult to click and blinking when moving mouse cursor.

At the end I found the issue was cause by Animator window. I play my scene and Animator window is opened, it causing all my click UI difficult to click.

Solutions: Close Animator window.