Why "maximize on play" button states (on/off) gives me difference in physics emulation ?

Hello EverBody !

Only on my Mac 10.7.4 (Unity 3.5.5 f3) I’ve mystic when I press button “maximize on play” and after that I press button "PLAY’ and I see that AddForce to rigidbody can move it, but when “maximize on play” button is off, while PLAYing, the function AddForce can’t move that rigidbody, because Force not is enough big. What’s up ? Can anybody help me please ? Sorry for my bad english !

On my other Mac 10.7.3 (Unity 3.5.5 f3) i don’t have this difference on emulation physics … What’s the problem ? HELP ME PLEASE …

the problem was in function Update(), I replaced it with FixedUpdate() function and my problem is now resolved ! Thanks everybody !

I understood what was the problem after reading the beginning of this question Why are the physics different between the editor and device (iOS)? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Sorry for my bad english …