Why a texture always consume twice RAM when running?

I make a simple scene to clarify this problem.

  1. import a 2048x2048 RGB 24bit texture, no mipmap.

  2. create a new scene, then create a plane assigning a diffuse mat with this texture.

  3. Run, the memory profiler tell me this texture consume 24mb rather than 12mb RAM.

It’s insane since I can’t use a texture simpler than this example, NO mipmap, NO scripting, NO GUI, just drag and run.
However, the memory size was exploded than expected.

Is it a bug?
My unity version is 4.6.5.

Well, it does say “RefCount (number of references)” : 2, so it makes sense.

Where are you using those textures? Sounds like two different materials are using it.

If you are not using it anywhere at all, then this is a very good question I’d like an answer to.