why am I getting "insert a semicolon at the end"??,why am I getting "insert semicolon at the end" ??

this is my script, I’m watching a tutorial from 3B. Camera - MAKE A GAME (Unity) - YouTube

#pragma strict

var target : transform;
var distance : -10;
var lift : 1.5;
function Update () {
transform.position = target.position;

“transform” is a type, so it needs the capital T. Than, your other assignments are wrong too, as told by Dave. A type should follow the colon (var distance : float = -10), or you can directly assign the value (var distance = -10) since Unityscript is a weak-typing language (even that, since you have included the pragma strict, you are removing the weak-typing aspect).

Aren’t you missing some data types?

#pragma strict
var target: Transform;
var distance : float = -10;
var lift : float = 1.5;

I’m not super familiar with Unity Script but I believe that’s your problem.

edit: Corrected Transform data type as BiG pointed out.