Why am I getting this strange behaviour?

I made my own transform component and I want it to hide the default Unity transform when added to a game object. This is the editor code I have where “Transform” = my own transform.

    public sealed class TransformEditor : UnityEditor.Editor
        private UnityEngine.Transform _transform;
        private HideFlags _hideFlags;

        void OnEnable()
            var dTransform = (Transform) target;
            _transform = dTransform.transform;
            _hideFlags = _transform.hideFlags;
            _transform.hideFlags = HideFlags.HideInInspector;
            Debug.Log("Flags = " + _transform.hideFlags);

        void OnDestroy()
            Debug.Log("Flags = " + _hideFlags);
            _transform.hideFlags = _hideFlags;

For some reason what ends up happening is when I place my own transform on a game object, nothing happens, but when I remove it, the Unity transform becomes hidden.

First of all it’s not a good idea to name your own Transform after a built in component. However if the namespaces are carefully choosen it should work but can cause a lot of namespace problems later on.

Since you change something on the transform component you should use Undo.RecordObject to make Unity aware of a change and you might have to redraw the inspector window.

Furthermore you should never “set” the hideflags to a value. The hideflags is a bitmask so you should always enable / disable certain bits by using bit operations.

Also note that OnEnable and OnDestroy are related to your Editor, not to your component.

// set the bit "HideInInspector"
_transform.hideFlags |= HideFlags.HideInInspector;

// reset the bit
_transform.hideFlags &= ~HideFlags.HideInInspector;

Of course you can store the whole bitflag and assign it back, but i don’t see the point in setting and removing the hideflags each time a custom editor shows your transform or when it’s closed. I guess you want to set the hideflags inside your Transform components Awake / OnEnable method and reset it in OnDestroy.