Why am I not able to do the Get started with Unity Quiz?

I am working through the Unity Essentials Pathway and I’ve gotten to the end of the “Get started with Unity” mission, except I cannot complete the quiz. When I go to the quiz page, all of the questions appear to be greyed out and there’s no way for me to select answers. This is also an issue for the Explore Unity quiz. This is blocking me from completing the missions :frowning: Does anyone know how I can fix this? Here are pictures of what I am seeing:

Sorry to hear you are getting stuck. I’ve submitted a bug report to our team mates on the Learn team who created the quiz. Hopefully they are able to look at it soon. Until then I would just move on with one of the other tutorials and then come back to this later.

Same thing is happening to me. Couldn’t do it yesterday, and can’t do it today either.

The Get Started with Unity quiz started working for me, and I was able to complete the mission! However the Explore Unity quiz still seems to be broken.

Yep, I can’t complete explore unity too