Why am I not seeing anything in the animation window?

Hi, I posted this in the forum too, sorry to be so needy and annoying, but it’s becoming a bigger problem for me the longer I’m without it.

I’ve got this really annoying problem, my animation window is empty, no objects to be able to transform and animate.

I’ve reinstalled unity both new and the one before, and created new projects to be sure.
I’ve also followed countless tutorials to no avail.

It’s incredibly annoying, i’ve tried creating animation controllers and attaching them to things, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the window to display anything at all, no lights, objects, cameras anything.

It’s the latest unity version on mac, is this perhaps a bug or?
I’ve used it before which is the strange thing, just recently I can’t get anything.

Thanks for any help

The animation window was used for animating a single asset before mecanim came out. To view objects, cameras and lights, you need to open the scene window and game window. I would recomend looking at Unity Learn

You need to create new animation component. And new animation file. Then you will be abale to edit the animation on this window.
On imported model you need to change the animation type to legacy to edit animation with this window.
I’m answering from my phone so I can’t attach print screen. Sorry…