Why an Android build doesnt make a _Data file.

Hello guys!
I have a question.
You know that when you build your game for PC in the folder there is a _Data file.
But why when i build it for Android there isnt one?

I made a chatbot, and in the _Data folder there is all its “knowledge” if you know what i mean. There is a folder “StreamingAssets” and in that folder there are all the XML and AIML files. And the deal is that without it it cant work correctly. When i upload it to the phone i can open the chatbot, write to it but it doesnt respond, and i think its doesnt respond because the _Data folder is missing.

Thanks and have a good day :slight_smile:

Because Android applications don’t have an exposed folder structure - they are packaged in .APK files. I can’t possibly imagine how this causes you a big issue.