Why animation events do not change sprite position?

Hi everyone!

I have a question- why using animation events for animation do not change sprite position? I made an animation only with an event (function). It rotates the sprites, but does not change their position (if i use this function in Update() function it does everyting- works correctly, but not then I put it in event). How can I make the events work correctly, because I need to use events, so that my programmably made animation will not work then other animations are on duty.

Does this help?

	// Set this to the gameObject which contains the animation component	
	var objectWithAnimationComponent:GameObject;
	var desiredAnimation: String="AnimationName";
	function Update()
	{	if(!objectWithAnimationComponent.animation.IsPlaying(desiredAnimation))	
		{	objectWithAnimationComponent.animation[desiredAnimation].speed=1.0;
			objectWithAnimationComponent.animation.CrossFade(desiredAnimation, 0.1); }
		else	// When your proper animation is playing
		{	/* Disable stuff that should not play when your animation is running here */	}}

Good luck