why are all my app icons and splashscreens loaded in memory?

I’m using the profiler’s memory section to optimize my build on iOS. I’ve noticed that ALL my app icons and splashscreens are loaded in memory (I have 2 splashscreens, one for iPhone and one for iPad and many icons at different resolutions). Why are they all loaded? Is it only because I’m checking the memory stats in the editor? Thanks.

no I don’t destroy them because I don’t use them…the app icon and splash screen are the one I set in the Player Settings for iOS so that the app has an icon on the phone and a splashscreen when it’s launched. I have icons of different sizes and also 2 different splashscreens for iPhone and iPad but all those asset seem to be loaded in memory (at least when I run the game in the editor…not sure if they will not be when the game runs on the phone).