Why are all the default colours grey?

Every time I create a 3d object the default colour ends up being grey instead of white and has no shadows.
I tried changing the lighting and rendering settings and Element 0.

Even when you add a new material to the 3d object and changing the colour to white it still ends up being grey and if u change it to any other colour it just becomes a darker version of the colour.

I tried restarting my Unity Hub and tried different versions of unity and this is still an issue.

I also have two packages that I imported that could be the issue: TMP essentials, TMP examples and Extras.

Help If u know the solution.

lighting is wrong.
create new project open lighting settings, compare what is different.

Window → Lighting → Lightmaps → “Auto” checkbox should be on
,Window → Lighting → Lightmaps → “Auto” checkbox should be on