Why are Gui Texture's Colour different?

I wanted 2 objects to have the same colour, so i used the eyedropper tool. But when I used the colour on the GUI Textures, the colours go all wrong. For example rose red turned into light pink and indigo turned into light sky blue. Anyone have any ideas. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

On how many I understood you use GUITexture. Also changed color to the white. After it becomes valid the picture brighter. I checked color change, using GUITexture and GUI.DrawTexture (). If in both cases to set white color, GUITexture will be brighter than the original. To return to original color to GUITexture, change color on gray (128,128,128). You also can add the GUITexture element built in Unity and look at parameters of its color.

I synced the color of a light component in my scene to the color of my GUITextures to make them the same color as the white objects in the scene. Found that the color between the GUITextures and the GameObjects differs especially in the cyan color rage, oddly. Fixed this by dividing the Light color by 2 before assigning it to the GUITextures in my sync function.

Had the same issue: just use a mid grey texture and the color will render properly.

Fixed it by setting Texture Type to Cursor (or Advanced).

alt text