Why are my animations not working correctly?


I downloaded some animation clips from mixamo in the ‘FBX for Unity without skin’ format.

The animations look fine in mixamo, however when i put them on my character model, the animations become very weird, i.e ,the feet or the hands are aligned backwards and sometimes the entire body is tilted at some angle.

This problem makes the character look very stupid.

I am using unity’s standard assets character model. I have also used mixamo’s character model(.fbx) but the problem still persisted.

Please, help me, as i can’t move forward with my project until i have fixed this issue.

PS - I also put those animations on the character model provided by Mixamo, but it still didn’t work.

Below images illustrate the problem.


what it was supposed to look like (notice the legs) :


More -

okay, i solved this problem.
just, as cgarossi said , you must set the proper avatar for
each of the animations in animation inspector tab.

1.select the animation prefab (not the clip).

2.click on the ‘rig’ tab.

3.in the avatar selection roll down, select ‘copy avatar’.

4.in the avatar selection box, select the avatar of the model
you downloaded from mixamo(if you don’t have it, download any character from mixamo and put it in your project, and you will get the avatar).

5.hit apply, if unity shows warnings, it is alright, however,
if you get errors, then, choose some other avatar.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

When I use mixamo I upload my FBX file from Unity after I have imported it and applied the Humanoid avatar.

I browse to the location of my FBX in my Assets folder and upload it. Find an animation and then download it without skin.

When import the animation, I click the animation file and then set the avatar to the one created by my model (ie, use existing avatar). When I apply the animation everything works fine.

It has something to do with rigging


@AnupamSahu Hi.

The thread is a bit old but I solved this exact problem as shown in the screenshots. I imported some animations from mixamo, they were Generic (in the Rig tab when you click the model) I then converted it to Humanoid and faced this exact issue with my model and the animations started to play in a way where it looked like so I pressed the Configure button and forced the model in T-Pose. Tried the animation again and it played fine.
I hope this also solved issues for many of the coming developers.