Why are my hinge joints inaccurate?

I’m experiencing an odd issue with Unity’s hinge joints. Considering there’s no collisions and this object is hanging off of a hinge anchored in mid air, shouldn’t it stop at a 90 degree angle once it loses all of its momentum? It’s also keeping its momentum for far too long compared to real life, but that’s not the main issue right now (that said, I’d love if I could make them more realistic)

This video shows what happens How do I fix my hinges? They're anchored in the air without use of any collisions, but objects hanging off of them do not stop at a 90 degree angle. : Unity3D

You could try turning up the angular Drag in the Rigidbody component. And/or turn up the Spring > Damper in the Hinge Joint component.

Right now it looks like you have them at default which is making the object kind of frictionless.