Why are my interactive tutorials not working?

I am a university student learning unity in order to design games to be played for research in computational neuroscience. When I began, it seemed as though the interactive tutorials offered by unity would be a great place to start. On the unity website, it shows that there should be an interactive tutorial window which guides me through step by step processes and explains the details of the engine and the interface. However, when I open any tutorial, such as play and edit mode, it simply opens up an environment, with no guiding tutorial or interactive aspect. What can I do in order to activate the interactive portion of these tutorials? Thanks in advance for the help.
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Introducing .. Interactive tutorials! - YouTube Thanks for your answer, but this video that comes directly from unity seems to imply that there should be interaction and guidance provided in the tutorials, which does not seem to be the case when I open them.

Only Unity Editor 2018.3 can run interactive tutorials correctly.