Why are my PlayerPrefs not showing correct values?

Following Bergzerg Arcade Hack n’ Slash tutorial, converting it to uJS.

There is a function to set the current status values to their minimum (Health, Energy, Mana). While all my Debugging shows the function is working correctly, in the registry the values are not showing as expected.

The variable Health_CurrValue is updating, so why are Energy and Mana CurrValue not, when all is done the same way in a loop. I feel I am missing something obvious but for all my repeating the specific video and debugging, I cannot see the problem.

The function in question :

private function UpdateCurrVitalValues() 
	var i : int = 0;
	var allEnumValues : String[] = System.Enum.GetNames( VitalName );
	for ( var enumValue : String in allEnumValues )
		var theClassVital : Vital = _toon.GetVital( i );
		Debug.Log( enumValue + " GetCurrValue BEFORE  : " + theClassVital.GetCurrValue() );
		//theClassVital.SetCurrValue( theClassVital.GetAdjustedBaseValue() );
		var theValue : int = theClassVital.GetAdjustedBaseValue();
		theClassVital.SetCurrValue( theValue );
		Debug.Log( enumValue + " theValue : " + theValue );
		Debug.Log( enumValue + " GetAdjustedBaseValue : " + theClassVital.GetAdjustedBaseValue() );
		Debug.Log( enumValue + " GetCurrValue AFTER   : " + theClassVital.GetCurrValue() );

My console output and registry :

All the Classes can be found on my last question : Finding the length of an enum in a different class - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Thanks, Jay.

You don’t appear to be using the loop iterator for anything apart from debugging! i also remains 0 throughout the entire loop.