Why are my textures black at runtime?

Hello all!

I suspect this might be something to do with the shader set up but my script which works happily with other objects is rendering the below image completely black at run time.
Displays fine in Scene mode, but at runtime it’s completely black. It is a Standard shader because I have a script that accesses the Alpha channel of the Color.

I have seen a few questions that relate to this but they are quite old and haven’t helped me solve anything.

As I mentioned ealier this works fine on other object which are Spheres, but this is a plane is that gives anything away??

Anyone know what is wrong,

Ok 1 last thing and I will keep schtum! I had another script on it that effects the scale. (Its grows basically)

Having disabled that, it renders fine. So now I guess it’s a new questions, why does effecting the scale of it, effect how it renders?

I am not exactly sure why scale would effect the rendering. It could be a floating point issue with lighting small areas or rendering small meshes.

For anyone who encounters this issue try these checks:

  • Make sure you are not scaling the object with a Vector2 and that all scale axis’s are not 0.
  • Double check the material and texture properties
  • If it’s an imported model, change the Scale Factor in the import settings.

If all else fails, try using an Unlit Shader.