Why are my textures ignoring me?

OK so at one point, these textures were behaving fine. Staying put where I assigned them in Cheetah. Because I am still learning this app, there is a lot of changing out and re-doing of things. Now some of my textures have gone haywire, and ignore my UV coords from C3D. Also on some of the objects, there seems to be an uninvited shader called no-name. For instance it gives me 2 shaders on an object with only 1 material assignment. Don't know if this has anything to do with my issue, but it seems fishy. ARRRRGH! This is like building a house of cards in a wind tunnel!

Your textures are ignoring your because you were too rough with them. No means no. :P

The issue(s) obviously relates to the material import from Cheetah, but which issue(s) is harder to place as Unity's docs on cheetah import is woefully lacking. I don't have Cheetah and only really know 3DS Max so bear with me, but I've dealt with many of these issues with 3DS max import, there's better documentation on that and perhaps what I've learned might be helpful.

In 3DS max, if your material is not a Standard type material, Unity will import it as a no-name material in many cases. I believe something fancy that you set up on your materials in Cheetah is causing your no-names because Unity doesn't know what to do with them. You might consider switching to simpler materials in Cheetah as a base and working from there. As an alternative, you could do some material replacement by writing your own assetImporter editor script which will setup appropriate materials for you rather than using the default material importing.

You say it gives you 2 shaders? I think you meant "it gives me 2 materials on an object in Unity when I had only assigned one in Cheetah" as a material can only have one shader assigned. This is possibly because of sub-meshes and different materials applied to them using different material channels or some such. In 3DS MAX, the entire object can have what max calls a Multi/Sub Object material which is only one material, but contains references to separate materials assigned to separate material channels and are applied to separate parts of the mesh. When Unity imports these, it splits them into the separate materials. Does Cheetah have something similar?

As for the ignoring/strange UVs, I don't really know what to say as there isn't really enough detail to go on here. You should consider revising your question to provide more details on this specific problem. Perhaps your UVs are not properly wrapping? Are you referring to regular UVs (uv1) or lightmap UVs (uv2)? The shader could be the cause, so it may be meaningful to know what kind of shader the material is using?