Why are my textures misaligned in the standalone build?

Hello all. I have a simple problem with a phantom fix that I’m yet to work out and would appreciate the help of any passers by.

Some of my textures are misaligned in standalone builds. As an example, this is what it looks like in the editor:
alt text

And here is what it looks like in the standalone build:

alt text

This is not the only example but it is probably the easiest to point out. It’s worth noting that not all textures are wrong, but it’s quite annoying. So far I’ve tried changing texture compression and filtering settings with little to no luck.

I’m a bit naff at this unity patter so if you need any more information please feel free to bully it out of me. I also hope I don’t frustrate any of you with my inexperience. I’m just a wee lad trying to do his best… ;-;

Thanks and god bless

PS Sorry if the images are a little too fuzzy, the game is pretty heavily stylized (doesn’t show well in these screenshots but if you’re curious look here for a better idea of how things typically look)

Well, looks like this is dead in the water. It’s clearly a big issue given that TWO HUNDRED & SEVENTY EIGHT people are following this question. unfortunately I simply had to delete the affected geometry and rebuild it, after which things sorted themselves out. quite unfortunate. sorry chaps