Why are objects sometime flickering?

This is a simple project with a scene that contains a simple planetary system (only sub, earth and moon). Each planet has it's own camera (sub object) that renders the sphere into a texture. This 3 textures are used to render a `GUITexture` into the main camera.

This is the zipped project folder: Project.zip

When running the scene, the earth and the moon are rotating along it's orbits. The sun contains a simple point light. So you can see the planets using the `GUITexture` in the Game view and watch them switching between night and day... But sometimes the illuminated part of a planet flickers.

This is how it looks: Recording.mov

Any idea why this happens and how to solve that problem?

I had this problem on iOS and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why. I swapped the material over for Vertexlit (from diffuse) and the flickering stopped. I think it’s a problem with the rendering of diffuse, maybe it’ll get fixed one or maybe it’s a GL problem that will never be fixed.

If you have 2 textures overlapping it might flicker sometimes.