Why are some of my Realtime shadows pixelated and some not?

Note: I am using ‘Close Fit’ shadow projection, but even stable fit experiences this issue

Currently in my android build, the shadows start off amazing, but i notice that eventually the ground textures go terribly awful! I’m confused at the moment as it only appears to happen to shadows that are being projected onto unity materials that are only the albedo color (high quality seems to be projected onto materials that are substances, though)

The most confusing part for me is that the scene starts out with great shadows on plain color materials but degrades over time until the end where it looks just terrible (pictures provided below of before and after)

@andycodes, I have the same problem. My shadow starts out great. But then it gets more and more pixelated. After about 30 seconds, the shadow of a sphere turns from a circle shape to a square. This only happens to me when I build and run my game on Android. When using Unity Remote 5 this doesn’t happen, nor in the Unity Editor.