Why are the trees super dark?

I’m trying to make trees using the tree-creator, and for the most part it’s going well. I have one issue: when I’m done with the trees and it processes itself, it comes out super dark, almost black. Image attached.

I’m using a total of two materials, one for branches and one for leaves. One is of type tree creator - bark, the other is tree creator - leaves. When they’re not on trees each looks fine, it’s only on the trees that become funny colored.

No lightmapping, nothing but a single directional light. I’ve tried it with shadows on and off, with no difference. Any ideas?


Ok, not 100% certain why this works, but solution found: Don’t use .tif or .png. A Photoshop .psd for the leaf and bark materials fixes the problem.

Still not sure if this is something new with 4.0 beta, or if it’s cross-browser.

Try Changing the shader else it will be problem with your texturing.


I think , change ambient color and ambient intensity

If the trees were done using unity tree creator (therefore using unity builtin shaders for foliage), you have to use textures that aren’t in sRGB color space. It’s a checker box in the import settings of each texture.

have you baked the lighting?