Why are there color differences between photoshop and Unity?

I’m trying to recreate something I made in photoshop through unity but it’s not working.

I made the ring in photoshop, and just dragged it in. Unity automatically set the Material to “Sprites-Default” and a default RGB color value of (255,255,255), which is white. The only thing I did was make it truecolor in the sprite settings. It appears like this in Unity3D:

alt text

Great. Now I did the made the same ring in photoshop again, except this time I left it at a white (255,255,255) color in photoshop and imported it. So now the ring looks like this:

alt text

Okay, no problem, I can just use the SAME purple color value I used in photoshop for the first ring, RGB value of (100, 77, 82), and set that color value in Unity3D for the spritecolor. Except when I do that, I get this color instead of the color in the first image I linked (that was made in photoshop):

alt text

Why can’t I recreate the first color that I set in photoshop in Unity3D? Is it something to do with the Sprites-Default material I’m using? Thanks

Ensure the following is done to have Unity / Image Profile / Photoshop visuals all aligned.

In Photoshop

  • Edit > Color Settings > Settings >
    Select: Monitor Color (This will
    ensure there’s nothing being done
    with the colors on your screen)
  • Edit > Color Settings > Color Management Policies > Set all to Off

This should make things marry up correctly for new files.

For any old files make sure you do the following:

  • Edit > Assign Profile > Don’t Color Manage This Document (Alternatively you can discard the profile when the file is reloaded into Photoshop, provided you have that configuration selected in Edit > Color Settings)

You’ll then notice that the file in Photoshop now looks like it does when you’ve been importing it into Unity. You’ll have to amend it to the desired colors.

Lastly when saving… Export as > png (ctrl + shift + alt + W)…

  • Color Space > Convert to sRGB > Selected
  • Color Space > Embed Color Profile > Unselected

The RBG color of the first ring is not 100,77,82. It’s 93,63,78.
I remade this scenario in my editor and I got that they were alike.

alt text

I can assure you one of them is white and the other is purple, but the white has purple as color in the unity editor. I think you just read the data wrong in photoshop or something. I used Paint.net instead of photoshop though and .png as file type.


  1. RGB color
  2. 8bit/Channel

alt text

I faced a similar problem here, but the only thing I did to fix it was convert the Color Profile of my document to “Adobe RGB”.

Photoshop: Edit > Convert to Profile

Thankyou Vendrad.