Why are URP and HDRP separate?

I guess this is probably a stupid question, but whats the point of having URP and HDRP at the same time? Why not have one pipeline that does all of the features at once?

I know that that would be A LOT of features and incredibly hard to do, but still, why not work towards it? It seems that eventually both pipelines will support both high level and low level graphics, so why have two?

Anyway thats my dumb question.


Yeah, why build sports cars and casual cars. I mean sport cars can also drive slow and pretend to not be able to accelerate that fast. Who cares about fuel usage or price?

  • (some rich man)

:slight_smile: Seriously I don’t quite get what you want to tell us. It’s like saying why do we even have multiple engines since all of them produce games more or less comparable to each other.

anyone with some better answer?