Why aren't two objects in the same coordinate system?

I have one object when I click on it and get the (x,y,z) it tell me (33, 6, 10) then I select another object and enter those cords, but it's in a different place. How do I fix this?

Thank you in advance

Have you insured they are in the same coordinate space. Objects that are children of other objects are relative to their parent (called local space, technically the inspector will always display local space, but if there is no parent then local space is world space). If you object's parent is offset 10 in the z direction, then the world coordinates of your object would actually be (33, 6, 20).

Or, if your other object is a child, then its local coordinates might not be the same to reach the same (33, 6, 10). The Transform class has some methods for converting from one space to another, or you can do it manually without too much work.