Why ask for access token when login from facebook in my unity game?

Hello i want to login with my facebook account in my game. For this i have got nice tutorial and sample project friendsmash unity game. But when i am following same way, on click login button it ask for access token not for email id and password like as in attached image. I want to login with email id and password like we login in any android or iPhone application. Please help me, i have searched many more but didn’t got any satisfactory and helpful result.

Well without details we really can’t tel you exactly what is wrong.

My suggestion though is to take a look at the Facebook API.
It could be the tutorial is out of date as Facebook is notorious about changing things on a moment’s notice.

https://developers.facebook.com/ is the core link for all the facebook documentation. You have to to look and
see how to modify your code to work. Knowing the facebok side also would be useful for the day they change the api again.

Good Luck!