Why baked lights not showing in lightmap

I have very simple scene - plane and light. Trying to understand lighting, so I switch light to realtime vs baked. I have enabled Baked GI in Lighting setting. Building of GI (or lightmaps) is set to Auto.

The problem is that the light (all light types) doesn’t shown in baked mode. Whenever I switch to baked type of light, the lightmap is automatically built (I suppose), but light doesn’t show in scene. Same if I build the lights manually by Build button.

What is going on? Should not the light be shown in either mode, but when set to baked, it’s statically stored in a lightmap? Can someone explain what is wrong here?
I attach the project for examination.


76828-bakebug.zip (28.7 KB)

Is your object set to static or lightmap static?

Got the answer?