why blurry effect on moving sprites

maybe its too simple but i dont know why no one answers this simple question that wht sprites get blurry when move ,…
i checked that its not deponds on game frame rate , i checked it whith 30 and 100 frame rate but nothing changed and the blurry effect remains …
would please anyone solve this very very old unsolved problem
thanks and more than thanks

By blurry in the linked video are you talking about the coconuts (or whatever they are)?

If I pause the video and look at a single frame everything seems fairly clear to me.

The issue as I see it (pun intended) and as others have pointed out is that the eye has trouble following a single item in a fast moving cluster. The result is our brain tells us things are blurry.

What can you do about it? Well, if you have a similar set up, you could try spacing the nuts out to give the eye a better chance at distinguishing the individual nut.

You might try stuttering the nut motion so that the nut clusters only moved every 5th frame or something like that to give they eye a chance to “catch up”.

You could also reduce the speed of the nuts and/or get rid of a parallax layer if you have as many as are in the video.