why can I not log in using my email and password?

so I downloaded Unity 4 and tried logging in but my email and password weren’t accepted, confused I came on the site to change my password (the browser having saved my password) but its saying my password is wrong!?

I know all the passwords I use, and I’ve tried every single one of them to no avail!

any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

The username and password you need is the one that is associated with your AssetStore account. All unity sites now use this account. If you have never created an assetstore account, then you’ll want to create one. (I am a bit confused how you have posted on Answers if you don’t have a working account…)

turns out there was a mistake on my part of confusing my Caps locations and the auto correct filling the wrong boxes with my saved password, I fixed it by looking through my browsers saved data and now I am on unity 4, sorry to waste your time.