Why can we set the curves of an AnimationClip but not be able to get them? This is troubling me

I really don’t know why I can’t get the curves of a clip, but it’s giving me troubles.
Another crazy question is: Why can’t I copy the curve(s) of an AnimationClip in the editor and paste them to an AnimationCurve property in a script?

I ask these questions because I want to be able to take an animation clip, get the transform, rotation, and scale curves/animations, and make the properties additive in such a way that my Animator’s gameobject does not need to change its initial rotation and still perform the animation in a given direction. I believe that if I am able to get the curves of an AnimationClip, I will be able to take those and add it and orient it through script to the desired gameobject.
I know this is complicated, because I’m having a hard time explaining it, but if you suggest that I use root motion, it will not work because then the gameobject will just perform the animation in its “forward” direction and not the direction I am inputting.
Although it may be possible, I do not want to animate everything through code because I don’t think it would be very intuitive or easy to use, especially with what I am trying to accomplish.

You do not have to solve my problem directly, but if there is a way to get these properties, I (and probably many others) would be glad to know.