Why cant I access my Services Tab

Alright so Im about to put my fist through my computer and a bullet in my head. I published my app to the play store a couple days ago and noticed that my game was still showing test ads. I go back into my services and turn off “Test Mode” (I also turned off IAP which I had on but realized im not quite ready for IAP yet), I also go into Unity Ads Service Dashboard online and make sure that it forcing Production Ads to all users. I wait over 24 hours and still have test ads. So I contact Unity and ask them why this is and they said it may be because the Game ID in my Project may not be the same one on the Ads Services Dashboard.

So okay, I go into my project and click Edit and click on Unity Ads at the very bottom of the Edit Menu. Sure enough, my Game ID in the project isnt the same as the one on the Unity Dashboard. I change it to the Game ID from the dashboard an save the game. I decide to press PLAY while I have it open and suddenly I have 17 compiler errors!! Looking at the errors they all look like they are from disabling IAP. So i go back into my Services tab to flip the IAP switch back to on but I cant access Services! It just keeps saying Loading! So I close the tab and reopen it and now its just a blank screen. Can anyone please help me out here. There is nothing worse then spending a year making an app just for this to happen! I WILL REWARD POINTS.


A bad internet connection. A temporary disconnection on your end or somewhere between you and the unity server.