Why can't I create a new vector1 property or node in URP ShaderGraph?

First time using the shader graph. Been trying to follow some tutorials to make a water shader, but every single one uses a vector1 property or node at some point. But when I press the + to create a new property or search for vector1 when creating a new node, nothing comes up. Can’t find anyone complaining about this problem, or anyone offering a solution.

Using Unity 2020.2.0f1 and according to my package manager I’m using the latest versions of the Universal RP (10.2.2) and Shader Graph (10.2.2).

I’m using a Mac, but I’m not using metal, if it makes any difference. I’ve set it back to OpenGL 4.1.

Hi plz can i see a snapshot of your water shader in graph, i’m using the same verions of Unity3d and the add-ons but i can’t use PBR how did u go around that.