Why can't I find this Unity bug in the Issue tracker?

Unity’s Issue Tracker seems useful for keeping tabs on known Unity bugs. But it isn’t clear how issues get IN there (reporting via the editor?) and I can’t seem to search by issue ID, only keywords. I’m trying to find the current status of an issue that I know has been reported, because it turned up here in a google search:


ID#738249 - ArgumentCache.TidyAssemblyTypeName allocates lots of memory

The ID is around the right number for Issue Tracker issues from October, so it seems like it should be in the same system, but I can’t find a keyword that brings it up. Can anyone find this for me in the issue tracker? I’d like to add my +1 and some debugging info that might be useful.

If not, can someone tell me how to report it to Unity’s issue tracker?

Hi, this issue in particular has not yet been verified by QA which is the reason it does not show up in the Issue Tracker. If you can submit a bug report with an attached project folder it would help increase the probability of it getting verified.

We do ask that you submit a project folder which contains only what is required for us to reproduce the issue and test. We explain it here: Unity QA - Bug Reporting - Unity

We explained how bugs then get handled in a blog post: The Great Incident Bash of 2015 | Unity Blog

Once you’ve submitted the bug report with project folder, let me know and I can escalate it.