why can't I have my game on usb?

I have my game on usb because I’m working on a university project and need to jump between my home computer and university computers but unity (which I also have on my usb) can’t open the game and says that the game doesn’t exist. how do I fix this?

I agree with @tanoshimi. The problem I think you face is that you’re trying to boot Unity from a flash drive. I have had multiple successes with booting Unity projects off of a flash drive but I’ve always had Unity installed on each computer. If you have the permissions on your university computer to install applications, I would try to install Unity on the university computer and try to load the files from there.

If not, I would try to do as much as you can WITHOUT the Unity engine on the university computers and then when you get home iron out everything using the Unity editor. Unfortunately, this means you will be coding without a debugger for several hours but kinks seem to be pretty easy to fix if you write the code on one system and then save the file to the same directory that your project is stored in on your flash drive. Then you can simply plug in the flash drive, boot up Unity on you’re home computer and then iron out all of the bugs later on.