Why can't I import all the files from character controller

When I try to import the character controller I can’t seem to import the files in textures

Moving file failed
Package/bd3e36440b68e2747bc23a0788af6dec/531c14f8d5cdc4e5baa83ee6e16f783a/asset to Assets/Standard Assets/Character
Controllers/Sources/PrototypeCharacter/Textures/construcor_normals.png failed: (maybe not exactly what it says)“Can’t find the file” and It’s the same with the other file under textures and if I do it without them I can’t go into playmode

Try making a new blank project and importing the assets into there then go to your “My Documents” folder and find the new project and copy the assets from in there and paste them into the Assets/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/Sources/PrototypeCharacter/Textures/ folder of your current project. You can do this with unity open, then just go back to unity and it should import the files.